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Brandon Barras

Brandon Barras

Brooklyn, NY

"When quarantine started, I was lost on what to do for my weekly workouts until I found AirPower! Tashon and Nancy have created a fun, fast paced, and approachable workout that has gotten me in better shape than when I was going to the gym. I love the combination of shadow boxing & bodyweight strength movements that keeps every class approachable, but also allows you to push yourself depending on skill level. Their energy and attitude makes you feel like a part of a community and AirPower has become my new normal for working out. The best part is, you truly see results!"
Tanya Posternak

Tanya Posternak

New York, New York

“Let’s not forget Tashon’s famous, ‘switch’ and ‘I see you.’ These work for me every time. You even feel that he really sees you, and you want to meet his expectations.”
Conway C. Liao

Conway C. Liao

New York City, NY

"A big part of what I look forward to three times a week is Tashon + Nancy's Shadow Boxing and HIIT training. The energy level Tashon and Nancy bring each session is on par with the in person training (if you've been lucky enough to experience like I have). Their genuine passion and ability to connect with all of us shines through, even virtually. It's been over six months of virtual classes and I've seen myself get much stronger, leaner with more stamina. Each session brings a different physical and mental challenge. The focus you get from each session allows me to sail through the rest of the day."

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